Okay, so this is what happened. Jay told Miranda that he thought that his garage was the center of the universe because there was so much activity and unusual characters coming through all the time. He said that someone should make a movie about what went on there and project it on the wall of the building next door (which we eventually did). When I went to go talk to him about actually doing it Jay told me that he thought the movie would be like James Joyce's Ulysses. I thought that was interesting (though I have to admit I hadn't read Ulysses, but have since). Steve Macdougall and I video taped some attempts at re-creating things that happened at the garage, and also just some normal documentary style stuff, but that wasn't working so we decided to have Jay and his mechanics and the other people who wandered in just read lines from Ulysses. So that's what the film is--sort of a synopsized version of Ulysses, summer heat, James Joyce, untrained actors, its pretty good. The film has now been shown as part of the Olympia Film Festival, the PDX Film Festival, the Aurora Picture Show and the 2004 Whitney Biennial.