Diana Budde asked me to come to Wausau to do a short residency at the university that would result in an exhibition. She asked me to give her an assignment for her students to do in advance of my visit. I had been working on an exhibition about The Vietnam War, because of that and the current situation in Iraq, war was on my mind. I asked the students to go out into the local community to find someone who had personal experiences with war. The students were then supposed to ask that person to describe a particular scene that they had witnessed, it could be dramatic or banal. Following that the students were asked to make a drawing based on the scene that was described to them, and to work with the person they talked with to make sure their drawing accurately illustrated their experience. The drawings and stories in this exhibition are a result of that project.

When I got here to Wausau and met with the students I gave them another assignment. I asked them to go to a local library and find a book or video that was about war or related issues. I then asked them to make a flier that would advertise the book or video and the fact that it was available at the library. The flier is supposed to function the way that a flier for a band playing or an upcoming garage sale lets people know about something local that they might want to know about. Along with the flier I had the students also make sculptural replicas of the book or video that they selected. That way there is a version of the object here on display while the original is still available to be checked out of the library. The fliers were posted on campus and around town. Diana and I selected several of them to blow up and show as part of the exhibition.

As part of my residency we did a public screening of a video that I found in the library at the university. It's called The War At Home and is about the protests that took place in Madison during the war in Vietnam. The video was a copy of the original and is starting to degrade so the picture cut out periodically during the screening. But it was still very engaging and afterwards everyone who came to see the video participated in an interesting discussion about local and federal policy, and the reasons behind war. The video playing in the exhibition shows excerpts from the film screening.